Saturday, January 29, 2011

Scrap It Saturdays: Completed Vintage Modern Airplane

In this photo you can see the collages I made for his nursery - that the airplane was adapted from.

Well, you can see here that I kept the polka dot. I tried the solid green on the body of the plane like Doug suggested but I just didn't like it. He wasn't thrilled, but since it is longsleeves, the shirt won't be worn for long.

I did like the way it turned out and the iron-on interfacing - Oh, it makes it ten times easier. You can see here that I used a smaller satin stitch. This does take a little more time, but I liked the finished look. I did hand embroider the "2" on the shirt - which I probably wouldn't do again if I had to do it over. Regardless, I was pleased with the outcome and am excited about DC wearing it for his birthday party next month.

For directions, pattern, and giveaway info please scroll down.

Iron down your airplane pieces and then cut a piece of tearaway backing to cover the size of the plane. I used my spray adhesive to spray the t-shirt and backing together so they wouldn't move in the sewing process.

Here is an example of the backing after I was done.

I started out first using a satin stitch along the body of the airplane - you can see the body done here, but the wing is still raw.

I did the wings second - top wing first, then bottom wing. The tail was third and propeller was last. I also filled in the window frame stitching after drawing it out with an erasible marker. The "2" I free-handed with the same marker and then handstitched it.

You will see in the last photo the strings where I stopped and started sewing. Obviously I clipped all this away as well as a little frayed fabric from around some of the rounded corners. If you have never used your satin stitch before just take it slow and be especially careful around the corners. Another trick is the use a thread that is pretty close to the color of the applique. It is hard to see your mistakes that way.

I hope you enjoy the project as much as I did.

And now for the giveaway. I am giving away two applique kits - one with the airplane and one with the giraffe. These will be cut with interfacing on. All you will have to do is buy your t-shirt, peel back the topping on the interfacing, iron in place and sew. To enter:
1. follow my blog (mention that you have done this in the comment section here)
2. "like" me on facebook (mention that you have done this in the comment section here)
3. comment below stating what you would like for see for Scrap It Saturdays or which project has been your favorite thus far.
(do all three or just two and increase your chances of winning)
I'll announce the winners next Saturday.

All my applique patterns are now available for a nominal fee over at the shop. Please feel free to stop by to purchase. Thanks!

Happy Crafting!

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