Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Whew! I am tired from a very fun, wonderful and full weekend. I had half my family here to meet Sarah's boyfriend, Rob. Sarah and Rob flew in from Houston on Friday night and left yesterday. We went pumpkin picking on Saturday, adults only dinner and drinks that night, rested and watched football on Sunday, mall shopping Monday, and then to the airport. Not to mention that I cooked like it was Thanksgiving. We ate ourselves silly. :) So, please pardon me while I get my house back in order and get my photos downloaded and edited. I am hoping to have more highlights in a couple of days.

I couldn't let the week get away without posting something. This one is of Sarah and me. She has always been a blonde and decided to "come over to the dark side" right before she came. We get the twin comment when she is a blonde, but oh my do we look more alike with the same haircolor. :) Don't really mind getting that question - seeing as I am five years her senior.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

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The Dettling's said...

My sister Erin (6 year age difference) and I were always mistaken for twins! What is it with our families and us being so similar! :) Kinda' spooky!!
P.S. Love the darker hair color on Sarah! It suits her nicely! :)