Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Crafts

The kids and I have been busy at work with our Halloween crafts this season. It has been fun to watch them get excited as we color, decorate, and cut out our various projects.

Paper Dolls: This cute little printable was offered by Sarah over at Sarah Jane Studios last year and I downloaded it with the full intention of using it. It just didn't happen and I was excited when I happened upon it in some of my files recently. Charlotte has thoroughly enjoyed dressing her doll in its various costumes - so much so that we are on our second doll (because the first got messed up).

Hanging Bats: These were fun and I stole the idea from Sarah - from the same site as the paper dolls. I cut these out and let the kids color the backs of them. They are hanging in our kitchen window - the reason for the bad photo. Next year I would love to do this one again, but instead of using the window I think I am going to hang them from one of the chandeliers and use a little glitter on them - don't you think that sounds like fun!

Halloween Cards: My kiddos are so young and there are so many things they just aren't old enough to do, but coloring is always a sure thing and they love to color special pictures for all the people they love. I decided to take some of my halloween notecards from the Trick or Treat line and have them color them specifically for several of our family members. I believe they had fun making pictures for their grandparents - and Charlotte was particularly thrilled with coloring something for her cousin Adeline.

Hoping you find a little inspiration to try your own halloween crafts - and make a few memories in the process.

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The Kimmels said...

I think you just might have the best life ever! This looks like so much fun. Love the crafts.