Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Big Boy Shoes

Showing off his new shoes

Getting ready to run FAST!

Can you see the blur? He is running REALLY fast! :)

Douglass Charles has been wearing shoes for quite a while now, but he has a new obsession with them. The child will have nothing on but insist on wearing his shoes. He believes they make him run oh so fast, and so I very willingly oblidge him.

He is changing so much and my baby boy is growing up all too quickly. Last week, while working on our Halloween crafts, I discovered the child could count to ten. Seriously! I was quite surprised seeing as I have done nothing to work with him on this.

He is also talking up a storm - he repeats almost anything Charlotte asks him to say - which she loves. He has discovered the word "mine" and "why" and uses them both quite frequently.

He adores the outdoors and still - much to my delight - loves his mommy! :) Another favorite phrase of his is "Hold You!" with arms outstretched for me. This is sweet until I need to fix dinner, fold laundry, help Charlotte and he shows his temper because he is told no.

My absolute favorite thing he is doing now - pretending like he is swinging a bat and then running, almost sliding, into his imaginary base. This all occurred after watching Doug's softball team. Doug and I are thrilled that he is not only interested in sports, but obviously watching close enough to know sort of what to do. It is too cute!

It truly is so fun to see life through my little man's eyes!

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Amy said...

Oh! So cute! Pax has the same shirt!! I can't believe he is already counting to ten!!!:-) Way to go DC!