Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Time's a Passin'

I got a glimpse of my Charlotte the other day and realized time is a passin' way too quickly. I snapped this picture of her and it wasn't until I looked back at the image that my breath caught in my throat. I thought, "Look how tall she is, so grown, pigtails - which she requests everyday now - and opinions." Where has the time gone?

It is hard, sometimes, as a mother to truly be present, to notice the small changes in one's child, to see their growth, their personality, their present world. Motherhood is busy, the tasks never completely done and sometimes I get so caught up that I catch myself wondering where the time has gone.

Sad that snapping a picture and looking back at the image was what got my attention, but sometimes it is difficult to see the growth through the playful blurr that is my life. With several friend's grieving the loss of their little ones, friends mourning their empty wombs, and friends watching their sweet babies struggling to keep the life that is theirs today, I realize I take my time with my two so much for granted... and time's a passin'.

Here's hoping I look through that lense just a little more often.

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