Thursday, July 1, 2010

1st Time in the Ocean

Charlotte loved the sand

Charlotte's face is classic here - shows her true feelings about the ocean.

Douglass Charles with his Aunt Sarah

Sweet Flannery

Flannery touching the sand for the first time

Douglass Charles LOVING the water with his daddy

Ahhh, the beach. One of my most favorite places in the world. Sadly, we have been unable to vacation there since the children were born. While crossing the bridge into Destin Doug asked, "Why has it been son long since we have done this." I graciously reminded him that since our trip three years ago all of our "extra" money for things like vacations went to paying to have our precious kiddos and paying for the surgical procedures we had within days of one another (not by choice).

So, to say that we were thankful for my parents insisting on taking the WHOLE family (that means 15 people) on vacation this year is an understatement.

These pictures are from the kids first encounter with the Gulf and the sand. Charlotte loved the sand, but was terrified of the ocean (until the last day when she started venturing out there on her own). Douglass Charles loved it all - jumping the waves with daddy, playing in the sand, wading in the water on his own. he LOVED everything about it.

You also see my sweet, niece, Flannery experiencing her first sand and waves. She is such a happy girl she was just content to be where ever her mommy was (isn't she sweet. She is ten months old and so tiny but out eats my children twice over).

We look forward to many more trips to the coast. We seriously cannot wait to get back there. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for treating us to such a wonderful vacation!


Amy said...

Oh! I can't wait for our trip! I'm glad yall didn't have any oil! I hope we don't! Great pics!

The Kimmels said...

I bet I could have tagged along and your parents would have never noticed. I mean, whats one more? ha! Can't wait to see you guys!