Friday, July 16, 2010

The Best Dessert EVER!!!

I failed to take many pictures this go around - including a picture of Doug and myself - we just kept forgetting. I did remember a highlight to both this getaway and last - this delictable cookie sundae from Food Works in Chattanooga. If you ever happen to find yourself in Chattanooga looking for a wonderful eatery this place will not disappoint. EVERYTHING I have had there is wonderful, but this dessert, it takes the cake.

Each time we have eaten this wonderful piece of goodness I have reread the dessert menu. I would never choose it the way they describe it and our waitress last time highly recommended it. One bite and we knew why.

So if my humble photography doesn't make your mouth water then maybe my description will. If you love chocolate and you love a freshly baked cookie just imagine that entire little cast iron skillet is covered with a thin layer of partially (yes, partially) baked chocolate cookie. It is crunchy on the top and chewey and gooey on the inside. Surround that with a little rocky road ice cream, some chocolate sauce (and not Hershey's - the nice restaurant, home-made kind), with whipped cream on top and you will seriously believe you have gone to heaven.

Now is your mouth watering? Just had to share a little piece of the heaven we got to experience on our wonderful getaway weekend.

Happy Friday!

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Amy said...

Those are all great posts! I enjoyed reading them and catching up! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for coming yesterday! It meant a lot to me!!:-)