Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our Getaway

Our weekend to the mountains was wonderful. It is not often that Doug and I even get a date night, so having three evenings and two full days was amazing. We stayed at the same little place we went to last year. It is just 30 minutes south of Chattanooga. We both slept, ate too much, read, and slept some more. It was just nice to have no responsibilities and no schedule.

We visited this little winery Saturday morning. The vines you see here were on location - where the wine shop was - and housed all their organic grapes for their organic wines. The main vineyard was a few miles away and they transport their harvest to the shop which also houses where they make all their wine.

Doug and I thoroughly enjoyed tasting all they had to offer and I discovered a red wine that I really liked (if you know me I am all about sweet, white wine) and I found out that there are actually some wines that are too sweet for me. Doug and I later wondered what the etiquette was on how many one could taste, but we purchased enough bottles to bring home that I think we were okay (quite the splurge).

Needless to say, our first wine tasting was a great experience and we look forward to doing it again soon.

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The Kimmels said...

ahhh. looks wonderful. So glad you had a nice time and thank you for the entertainment (blog post). I'm dying for entertainment over here! ha.