Monday, July 19, 2010

Rock Out!

For those of you that have known me a long time, you know me as cautious, conservative, and a little uptight. I don't know if I have really changed much - in some things, yes, but I am pretty much a control freak. Ask my husband, and he will readily agree.

I chop this up to being the oldest of six, having to be ridiculously responsible, and probably having to grow up much more quickly than most. But I am so one of those drivers that when I believe no one is looking I am belting out tunes to the radio or rockin' out in the privacy of my bedroom.

Thanks to my Dad I learned to listen to my music LOUD!!! As a very young child I have vivid memories of him blaring James Taylor and Chicago on his record player. Later - in my teen years (when radio and rock wasn't allowed) - he would play Vivaldi's Four Seasons at such a high decible that my mother would beg that he would even turn those melodious notes down.

So, when I am cleaning house or working on The English Pea you can pretty much guarantee that I am "dancing my a** off" to some rockin' tunes.

I do have a confession to make - and Mom and Mrs. Patti, if you are reading just tune out here as to not judge me too harshly - my jammin' music is not what you would place with my personality. But remember, this is the place I let myself lose control. On my ipod you will find the likes of J.T., Timberland, Jaime Fox, and Chris Brown as some of my faves. I will spare you details as to not totally humilate myself, but honestly, how can you rock out to Nora Jones (oh, she is on there too. LOVE HER!)

Regardless, this up-tight, control freak, very conservative gal has a little "wild" streak - and f.y.i. if you get to see me "rock out" feel priviliged. Very few - even my precious mother - have ever seen it. :)


Courtney said...

haha love it!! me too!!

Love that you were thinking about what my mom was going to think :)

The Kimmels said...

Oh my! I ADORE this post. Looks like we have something in common with our selection of music too - I LOVE all sorts. Norah Jones is definitely up there.