Friday, July 2, 2010

Moore Family Vacation

The Whole Family - Left to Right: Me, Douglass Charles, Doug, Melissa, Emily, Charlotte, Dad, Mom, Sarah, Owen, Mary Catherine, Adeline, Matt, Lauren, and Flannery

The grandkids - There are also two buns in the oven - Lauren is due in December and Mary Catherine in February. :)

My parents with the grandkids - this is just too funny!

The Moore Kids: left to right (youngest to oldest) Emily (at Auburn), Melissa (in Austin), Owen (in Birmingham), Sarah (in Houston), Lauren (in Dallas), and me

Sisters - I am one lucky girl to have so many!

This is not a play on words. For those of you that have only known me for a short time, my maiden name is Moore. Most of these pictures were taken during our family photo session. Taking pictures with a family this large is one tall task. As you can see not everyone was game. I thought the pictures turned out well considering...

We were also very thankful for beautiful beaches. With the BP oil spill threatening all of the Gulf Coast we didn't have any expectations, but where we were was basically untouched.

With 40% of beachgoers cancelling their vactions to the Gulf this year we wound up with little traffic, rarely a restaurant wait, and plenty of room at the pool. I was saddened for the economy of our beloved Gulf, but it made more enjoyable for all of us.

We did get to hit a few favorite spots - the Donut Hole, The Red Bar if Grayton Beach (thanks Mom and Dad for watching the kids), and put-put golf for the adults along with a late night trip to McGuires Irish Pub for drinks afterward sans kids. We truly had a wonderful time.


Amy said...

Oh wow!!! Those are fabulous!!! I really enjoyed how you spelled out who was who and where they all are!:-) I loved the one of grandkids and your parents--Adeline's face is priceless!

The Kimmels said...

I 2nd Amy's comment. I love to be able to put faces with the names (& location!). I should save that photo as a reference sheet. HA. I also love the one with your parents and the kids. priceless. I can't believe there are two more coming in the next 7 months. You have babies coming out of the woodwork like I do!