Friday, July 16, 2010


Let me preface this post by saying that I was not really excited about this little venture, but it turned out to be quite lovely. I am married to a history teacher and thus, a history buff. Doug teaches Georgia studies and this is one of the battles he covers with his students. He was SO excited about seeing this place and I got a little history lesson in the process.

It really was quite a beautiful park. And many people had come prepared in either a convertible or with bikes. I would have opted for either means of transportation to view the whole place, but we stayed in the air conditioned car and checked out some of the sites.

The battlegrounds made me ponder the past, what had occured there, the turmoil in our country at that time. Catching a glimpse of what transpired on the grounds on which I was standing did make me stop and think of the many, many sacrifices that were made on that hallowed ground for me, my family, and our nation. While easy to get caught up in the beauty I certainly did not walk away without some sorrow and appreciation for those that came before me.

Despite the circumstances surrounding the Battlefield of Chickamauga, exploring the grounds and monuments was a nice little diversion in relaxing getaway weekend.

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