Monday, August 24, 2009

The Varsity

Me and my babies

Aunt Sarah and kids - yes, Sarah and I look a lot alike. We get asked if we are twins all the time and even did that day. :)

At the end of July we had the pleasure of my sister Sarah visiting. Sarah lives in Houston and will probably always be a Texan (she is dating a guy that is from the grand old state). We always enjoy our visits with Aunt Sarah and this trip proved just as fun.

Doug and I had been talking about going to the Varsity all summer - for those of you not familiar with the Varsity it is a very popular hot dog joint and a staple to Atlanta. Sarah had never been and the summer was quickly approaching its end. This was also the kids first trip to the grease pit. We thoroughly enjoyed it and I think the kids had a good time - Charlotte walked from one end of the place to the other several times.

Sarah and I also got to enjoy a day in Atlanta. We went to Virginia Highlands, ate at my fave restaurant, Murphy's, shopped at boutiques, and after a full day enjoyed some gelato before returning to the burbs. Sarah and I have not been able to shop together in quite some time and I thoroughly enjoyed myself - I splurged a little on a very cute dress. Thanks, Aunt Sarah, for such a good time. We enjoyed having you and can't wait for you to come again. xoxo

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