Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back to School

Apple in Strawberry - Personalized Folded Notecard

Apple in classic red - Personalized Folded Notecard

Great for a teacher - Arguile Flat Notecard with apple (comes in variety of colors and you can choose another design if you like)

Obviously this is my favorite color combo - chartruese and pool - gotta love a green apple

Bouquet of pencils - literally inspired from a line in "You've Got Mail." Check it out sometime. :)

Well, at the English House we are heading back to school. Doug officially started back this week (he had a few things he had to do last week because he is in leadership at Mason Creek) and we are gearing up for the year. This is always an adjustment for me as I go from help all the time and having someone else to stay with the kids to pretty much having to do it all by myself. Let me just say, my husband will be greatly missed (Charlotte has already repeatedly asked where her daddy was today).

So, with us going back to school I decided to design a few things for The English Pea. Like all my designs they are colorful and very basic. If you aren't keen on buying for the first of the year, these will make great gifts for teachers down the road. They are here for a limited time. I hope you enjoy!

I will have bag tags, more polka dots and scallops coming your way soon. My Christmas designs are heavily underway and I am beginning to get excited about them. Last, but not least, I am also experimenting with envelope liners - we all know how nice it is to have an envelope that is lined. So far they are turning out great. Just opening one with a cute card inside makes me happy.

So heres to hitting the books and all the responsibilities that come with it.


The Baggetts said...

So cute! If I had a child in school I would definitely buy some!

Anonymous said...

You've Got Mail is by far my favorite movie! "Bouquets of sharpened pencils" indeed! Love your site, Alison. Pat Caz.

Alison said...

I know, You've Got Mail always makes me want to go to New York in the fall. Who am I kidding, I would go anytime of the year. LOVE that movie and that line. Thanks!