Thursday, August 27, 2009

Count Your Blessings Name Them One By One

Do you remember that song? Funny how we never lose many of the little things we learn as a child. This song came to mind this afternoon - just now - as I was fixing Douglass Charles' bottle and sobbing over the loss a dear friend just experienced. A friend of mine from the ranch - who actually lives in the Atlanta area - found out yesterday that her little girl with whom she was pregnant with went to be with the Lord. She was twenty weeks along and delivered her this afternoon.

David and Christy were another ranch couple who met the same time Doug and I did and wound up getting married. We were all at the ranch for the same length of time and I think all of us that were there during that time have a special bond. They have two beautiful girls and I know are grief stricken. Please pray for them, especially Christy. I can't imagine her feelings, her grief and despair. Having to endure delivery with the precious prize being so different than imagined.

God has been teaching me about joy and thankfulness. What a strange twist on this lesson in my life - watching and grieving alongside a dear friend. May I remember to not only count my blessings, but more importantly name them. Ironic how naming them makes one realize just how much God has given - even in desperate times of grief and despair.

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The Kimmels said...

I am so sorry about your friend. One of my closest friends miscarried last week. I can't imagine how hard that is and will keep them in my prayers.