Sunday, August 16, 2009


Transportation Pack

Available Transportation Graphics

The English Pea has been clicking along with orders this week. One never knows why, but I am discovering the more I post on Etsy the more I sell. The reason... it keeps my products at the front when people start looking through all the millions of things for sale there. The older your posts are the less likely they will get seen while the world-wide web is browsing.

Speaking of the world-wibe web, I had my first international customer this week. A mother from Ontario purchased the transportation pack for her son who's name is "Benoit" (there is supposed to be an accent over the "i" but I can't figure out how to do it on the blog). I am assuming they are "French-Canandian." Finding how to place the accent over the name didn't prove too daunting and it was fun seeing my cards printed with something not so American on them. Anyway, I continue to be amazed at the powers of the internet. Someone in my position wouldn't have had a chance at selling their goods not too long ago. It is amazing where the internet has brought us.

One day soon I will post about Google Analytics (another great internet tool) - you say "What?" This all too soon will be explained. It is very interesting - at least to me.

Until then, Chow! :)
(sorry, I am getting a little carried away with the international thing, aren't I?)

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