Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Playdate with Mommy

These pictures are from a while back. That day Charlotte insisted on wearing an apron like Mommy. I couldn't deny her as aprons were such a passion of mine before the kiddos came along - they still are. I am such a sucker for a cute apron.

After my post the other day I was bound a determined to have a day where my time was devoted to the kids. Today has been the day and it has been wonderful. Household chores are never done, but I have kept them to a minimum. We played in the floor this morning - me with my real baby and Charlotte with her baby doll. Charlotte and I baked Zuchinni Bread before lunch and I believe we both thoroughly enjoyed it. After lunch I took both the kids to the playground where Charlotte swung by herself and I held Douglass Charles while I swang. Needless to say this was the funnest part of the day for both children - I know this because Charlotte nearly threw a tantrum when we had to leave. Thank God I can still distract her.

It is almost 3:00 p.m. and I am all tuckered out. The kiddos are napping and I am spending time on some stuff that I want to do - some of it is for The English Pea but this isn't work to me. All around it has been a very good day.

I feel sad that we don't have more days like this and I realize the need for taking the time to set times like these aside. I refuse to beat up on myself about not doing it more. I have a lot on my plate and I truly believe it is important that my children know that life is not all about them. We all make sacrifices, but... I do want to do things like this more and I know as the baby gets older we will be able to make this happen more often.

To tie this up I just want to jot down a few of my favorite things about my kids right now - so I can remember them.
-Playing babies - she reads to them, feeds them, burps them (very loudly I might add), prays with them (with one eye shut), rocks them and then places them on the floor, bends over and kisses them and says "Nigh, nigh."
-Her timidness when she tries something new - so scared to go down the slide today even though she has done it before
-Her face while she swings smiling from ear to ear, her blue eyes shining.
-The way she asks for her daddy all the time. "Where is Daaee?"
-The way she says sorry after she gets in trouble. She is so sweet when she finally owns up to her mistakes.

Douglass Charles:
-Grins from ear to ear when I sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame."
-Tries to get in a yelling match with his sister.
-Loves to grab my face while he eats his bottle.
-Seems to think that I am the most wonderful person in the world - he really is a momma's boy.
-Gets so frustrated when he can't get something to do what he wants it to do - he really wants to be big like his sister.
-His new fascination with Mo Mo our dog - he just giggles at him.

I know I am forgeting a lot, but I know these are things I want to remember - the sweet little moments that will be gone in a flash. Lord, thank you for the blessing of my beautiful children.


Amy said...

That's fun! I'm so jealous that you got to have a day like that! I would love to see some recent pictures of DC. I haven't seen any of him in a while. I bet he's changing SOOOOO much!

Alison said...

I know I need to get more up of the baby. The way I post you would think that Charlotte is my favorite. The second time around the camera just doesn't seem to be around enough. It is awful. I will get some up soon. :)

stephanie said...

sweet post. i love days like that and they are far too few and far between. good for you. love you!

Kathryn Anne (Kate) said...

When did Charlotte start calling Doug, "Daaee"? That is awesome! I am sure that makes Doug's day!

love ya