Tuesday, July 19, 2011

three little goldfish

So I began this little smocked dress right around Easter and I finally completed it. I have been wanting to use this goldfish pattern for quite some time and I also knew that I wanted to do something for Charlotte in purple - she looks so good in that color. The poor girl has been watching me work on this dress for months and I can't tell you how many times she asked me when it was going to be done.

Obviously I wanted to finish it before summer was over - fish aren't the most appropriate animal for the fall months - but my fingers are about to become pretty busy smocking three little flower girl dresses for Charlotte and two of her cousins for my sister Sarah's wedding.

Even though it took me a good three months, Charlotte was thrilled with the outcome and so was I. Now to get my fingers ready for my next big project. Lets just hope I can move a little more quickly - three dresses in three months vs. one dress in three. I'm thinking I better be on my toes. :)

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Amy said...

That is adorable!! You are so talented!!:)