Thursday, July 21, 2011

{polka dots}

Ahhh, if you have been to the store lately and attempted to pick up a pint of blueberries you have discovered that even though they are in season, they are not cheap. Thankfully we have friends (aka Suzie) who have families who have 20 or so HUGE bushes in a Christmas tree farm that produce more blueberries than they can use - so we were invited to come pick.

{Charlotte also affectionately calls blueberries polka dots. I am not sure why, except for the fact that when we add them to receipes their round little blue selves look like dots in whatever batter we add them too. :)}

I invited my good friend Anna and her boys to come along. I knew her boys loved blueberries as much as my two do and I thought they would have a good time.

Thankfully, Suzie got to come out for a bit (shhh... she wasn't supposed to be out there since she was on bed rest) and the weather was relatively mild for a July morning. Anna and I picked for an hour or so while the kids ate their fill and played like crazy. Afterwards we headed to the pool to burn off our blueberry high.

Thanks to Suzie and her family for once again allowing us to partake in all their blueberry goodness. Stay tuned for a wonderful recipe tomorrow - one of the many ways we used all those delicious berries.

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