Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm in love...

 with the little freckles that are sprinkled over my girl's face.
"Kisses from the sun" we tell her and she smiles whenever we mention them.

 her little toothy grin - always setting those two front teeth out in front. Precious!

 these chocolate brown eyes. Seriously, who wouldn't be?

 and his smirky grin. Makes me think he is up to something. :)

 Charlotte's true smile and the life that exudes her.
She has so much spunk. I hope she never loses it!

 My little jokester, always looking for a good laugh.
Also hope this never changes.

that DC is Doug's shadow... this boy is all about his daddy.
And might I mention that I am also loving having his daddy home.
I am one spoiled girl!

Happy Friday! Hope you are finding plenty to love - or love on - this summer!

1 comment:

Mary Catherine said...

So sweet! We love y'all and miss u too...hope to see you in august!