Friday, July 29, 2011


If I could I would have all kinds of fruit bearing trees in my yard and it just so happens that we do have one. Doug planted a series of trees in our yard when we first moved in. They were just saplings and we got a variety from The Arbor Foundation. The problem was we weren't sure what our variety included. Doug noticed these pretty little things last year on the tree and he and the kids ate a few. We have been pretty certain that it was a crabapple tree, but I finally did a small bit of research just this past week and we had our suspicions confirmed. So while I don't have a multitude of fruit bearing trees I can enjoy this one - not to mention it's blossoms are beautiful in Spring and these little baby "apples" are pleasing to both the eye and palette.

Happy Friday and be sure to check back tomorrow when I announce the winner of my Christmas in July contest!

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