Saturday, March 12, 2011

Scrap It Saturdays: Finished Racecar

I must confess, I do not think these pictures do this justice, but this applique turned out really cute. I also have to confess that these were not scraps I had on hand. Yes, I had to venture to Joann's this week to pick up the fabric to complete the racecar, but lets face it a red swirly pattern of red fabric just wouldn't have cut it.

I was thrilled with the whole outfit. I picked up this t-shirt and pair of shorts from the Divine Consign Show here in Atlanta (my absolute fave consignment sale). Both were brand new with tags still on. I love the red on the light blue and the plaid shorts just complete the whole thing.

Did you know that these scraps here were given to me at Joann's? Yes, I was so excited. If you ask for a sample they will give you a strip of fabric an inch wide. This was more than enough for the window and wheels. So... if you have a few finishing details remember Joann's.

For details and the pattern just scroll down.

After printing and cutting the pattern, I ironed on all the self adhesive to the fabric and cut out the shapes.

Then I placed everything - the great thing about the iron on adhesive is you can go ahead and stack your fabrics before you have to sew - ironing the window onto the car/ironing the middle wheels onto the outer wheels.

Finally I sewed a single stitch in a contrasting color outlining the car. On the wheels I used a brown. I mainly did this because circles are pretty hard to do on the sewing machine. They are less than perfect. Notice the inner wheel is a series of stitched lines across the middle of the wheel. I found the smaller the cirle, the harder it was to get a precise circle. The criss cross of lines were my compromise. :)

Patterns are now available for sale - for a very nominal fee - over at my shop. Feel free to stop by there and purchase. :)

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