Wednesday, March 23, 2011

{cousins by the half dozen}

left to right: Douglass Charles, Charlotte - holding Molly, Adeline - holding Leah Cate, and Flannery.

Last week the kids and I joined my mother, sisters Lauren and Sarah, my sis-in-law, Mary Catherine, and my nieces, Adeline, Flannery, Molly and Leah Cate down at my mom's house in Atmore. It was a fun, quite loud, but relaxed time. The kids thoroughly enjoyed playing together (with a few bumps around sweet Flannery, who is not quite old enough to keep up with three oldest). I thoroughly enjoyed holding all the sweet babies - and giving them back. :) And of course, best of all, visiting with my sisters and sweet mom.


The Kimmels said...

This is such a priceless photo. How blessed you are to be able to spend that time with your wonderful family!

lbrownfield said...

Flannery survived! And with good memories because she gets very excited when she sees pictures of her cousins, especially Douglass Charles. I'm so glad all of us were able to get together!