Monday, November 29, 2010

A Simple Thanksgiving

Dancing to the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

Perfect ending to a great day - cuddling with my little guy after naps.

Doug and I both come from large families so family affairs can be quite fun, but simple they are not. The shear volume of food needed is not a simple task. This year, though, we stayed at home and my youngest sister drove up from Auburn to share in our small and simple feast. It was quite delightful, not stressful, and honestly pretty relaxing. We had a simple menu of turkey, sweet potato casserole, corn casserole, green beans, rolls, cranberry sauce and gravy. Dessert was our favorite Derby pie (a chocolate chip pecan pie - and yes, it is DELICIOUS. I will post the recipe soon) and apple pie - another favorite.

We watched the parade that morning while the turkey cooked and enjoyed lounging and eating most of the day. Don't get me wrong, our family was missed - it is never easy for me to not have them around during special times, but the day truly was splendid.

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Amy said...

What cute outfits! So glad that yall had a good one!