Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My girl

November 13th, 2010
I watched you this morning as you played - how big you have gotten. It is hard for me to believe that three years ago today you came into my life. Your presence that day fulfilled a life long dream - to become a mother. What I didn't know was that I was going to be your mother. There is a big difference in becoming a mother and becoming your mother. You see, I did not know you in my dreams. I had not met you. I had no idea just how special you would be to me, nor did I know how lucky I would be to hear you say my name.

You are precious to me, child. I hope you always know that. You are beautiful both inside and out. Unique in your personality and beauty. I love your red hair and your blue eyes and the spunky personality you bear.

You are my little chatter bug and I love that you are always ready with something to say. Always asking me, "Mommy, I talk to you now." You love to read, color, converse, make friends, and just be on the go. You love ballet and everything princess. You also love your family - "very, very much!" as you tell me every day and I am so thrilled that you do. I hope you never lose that love for those who are so close and so special to you.

Your personality mirrors your ole momma in so many ways. It scares me sometimes, and also gives me insight into myself. You and I, we already butt heads a bit, but we love one another dearly. We are too alike: bossy, opinionated, proving our point, sensitive, emotional, people pleasers, and lovers of people. I fear for the hurts you will one day encounter because of your sweet personality - because I, too, have felt them. But, my dear, I will always be here to talk with, cry with, and understand. We live in a cruel, hard world, and thankfully you and I have been blessed with family and friends who care and will love on us in spite of ourselves. Just remember, that God has blessed you with many wonderful quailities and regardless of hurts or trials, it is important to share your love and talents with others.

So, my sweet girl, on your third birthday, I hope you feel like the princess you dream of and that you know to me and your daddy, you are the belle of the ball. I love you and Happy Birthday!


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The Kimmels said...

That was the sweetest. Morning tears! Happy Birthday my red-headed buddy!