Monday, November 1, 2010

Project Bless

With halloween festivities over our family is actually entering into the month of one of my favorite holidays - Thanksgiving. Good food and family - to me you just can't get better than that - but the symbolic meaning of the holiday is something I like even more - the reminder to be ever thankful. So I have decided to put a grateful attitude into practice around our house and we are going to seek to bless others with our gratitude. I hope you will join me.

Our little project is called - you guessed it - Project Bless. Basically I put together a calendar of what we will do each week to bless someone out of the ordinary. Here is a little description of our plan:
Week 1 – treats and thank you note to local fire department
Week 2 – treats and thank you note to local police station
Week 3 – collect canned goods and drop them off at the food bank/take goodies and thank you note to our church
Week 4 – treats and thank you note to our local grocer/drop some goodies by a neighbor

Please feel free to copy the logo above and share with others - on your blog or website - and just to help get you started, feel free to use the thank you image and calendar I have below. Remember you can do this just once over the month or multiple times. Regardless, a note, a few goodies, an email of thanks will bless those around you and, in fact, bless you in return.

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stephanie said...

Love, love, love this idea. I always aim to do what you have suggested but never get it done. Your encouragement is just what I need...I hope:) Awesome idea and thank YOU for sharing. If I can figure out how to get it on my blog without massacreing it I will.