Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Belle of the Ball!

We celebrated Charlotte's birthday last weekend with a few of her little friends. As always there were a few that couldn't come, but the number of children there was quite managable. Doug and I pondered over whether to make her third birthday a "big deal" with more elaborate activities and decided that a quiet affair at home would be quite nice with lunch, cake, presents and simple play. As most know, cake is enough to get three year olds quite excited.

I kept it pretty simple. Charlotte was determined to have a princess theme and I obliged, but tried to keep it sweet and not cheap looking. I was amazed at all the tacky princess stuff out there when we went shopping. Her cake was made by a good friend of mine - Red Bilbo. Charlotte was absolutely thrilled with it and I thought it was not only beautiful, but quite delicious - thanks, Red.

At the last minute I decided to make cupcakes. We didn't really wind up needing them, but it was fun to get to use my cupcake toppers for the first time.

All the children were asked to come dressed as their favorite hero - and I honestly think that was one of the highlights of the party - having an excuse to dress up. I know Charlotte thoroughly enjoyed it.

Charlotte was completely overwhelmed with all the presents and I was VERY tempted to hold a few things back and wrap them up for Christmas. I know, tacky, but I didn't - and besides, she wouldn't have known the difference anyway. She couldn't keep up with the generous gifts. :)

It was a wonderful birthday and quite thrilling for Doug and me, as this is the first time Charlotte has truly understood what was going on. I was quite pleased with her as well. She was a sweet little hostess and was on her best behavior and I believe felt like the belle of the ball!

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Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Charlotte!! Thanks for including us in your special day!!!!:-)