Monday, June 28, 2010


Playing with bubbles outside before bathtime.

Lollipops are the reward for Charlotte doing #2 in the potty - her brother gets to join in her reward

They always share with one another

They have chosen this corner in the kitchen to sit and enjoy their lollipops - this wasn't even encouraged by me, but I like it!

I realized recently that I have failed to update on the kids lately. We have had a lot going on and just updating all the trips/playdates has taken all my blog time. So here are a few facts about what the kiddos are up to:

- We are in the throws of discipline and while not fun, I prefer disciplining an older child. She seems to get it more often than not and we can at least discuss what has happened and why she is in trouble.
- She has a few new sayings - when she wants to stall or doesn't want to do what she is asked right then. 1. "In a minute." and 2. "Well (sassy inflection), I want to drink juice, not milk." Ironically Doug asked me the other day where in the world she picked this up. I couldn't figure it out for the life of me until Charlotte started correcting me for using the same phrases. Whoops!
- She has picked up potty training very nicely and while I haven't been brave enough to venture out the door without a pull up on, she is doing really well and even asking while we are out to go.
- She is finally in a big girl bed and doing well with that too. I cried when Doug took her crib down, but she is so pleased to be a big girl and tells everyone - even the clerks at the grocery store - that she is in a big girl bed.
- she LOVES to help me cook and "wake" the baby up in the morning or after naps - always saying "Good morning, Baby!"
- She truly doesn't meet a stranger and always wants to go somewhere. She isn't happy just sitting at home. She loves being on the go.
- Says the blessing at dinner now and it is too cute.

Douglass Charles:
- Running now - seriously - and determined to keep up with his big sister.
- LOVES sliding down the slide and even goes head first.
- has a vocabulary of about 25 words and is seriously starting to put words together. I never expected him to be this verbal this quickly, especially being right behind his sister who is so verbal.
- LOVES to play ball. You get a ball in his hands and he is ready to play and doesn't have too bad of an arm either.
- Is still full of love and I have determined that his "love meter" just needs a little more filling than the average person. He just likes personal touch. Sometimes he just likes to sit back in my lap and drink his juice - something Charlotte never had the time for.
- Folds his hands in prayer and always says very infatically, "AMEN" after the blessing or bedtime prayers.

There are so many things these two are doing, but one of my favorites is how they love on one another. They hold hands, kiss, and hug all the time and the LOVE rough housing or jumping on the bed together.

They are growing up too fast on me and I just wish I could slow down enough to thoroughly enjoy it. Being mom to two toddlers so close in age is honestly the toughest thing I have ever done, but I don't know what I would do without those two. I love them so... :)

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Amy said...

Those are such sweet updates!!!! I enjoyed hearing how the kiddos are doing since we haven't seen them!:-)