Friday, June 11, 2010

Blogs I'm Reading...

I have been on a search over the last several weeks for blogs - ones that could potentially be great places for The English Pea to advertise. Thanks to Dana over at Plum Tree Studio I now have a little list I have begun following - which has resulted in more blogs I have found.

Now if you know me, the above dress could describe me to a tee - I truly feel it screams my style and I am in LOVE with it. This precious little dress was featured on one of my very new favorite blogs called Grosgrain. Oh, is she the crafty momma and this wonderful dress is part of a segment she calls "Frock by Friday."

Being the crafter that I am the thought of being able to put this dress together in a matter of afternoons makes me want to run out to Joann's Fabrics tomorrow and find something beautiful to sew. This is just one wonderfully fun thing on her blog. She also has FABULOUS giveaways and just fun projects - for the sewer and crafter a like. And for all you local ATL folks, she is in our neighborhood, so you will recognize things from time to time.

So, I hope you enjoy browsing one of my new faves. Check it out here. Happy Friday!

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The Kimmels said...

I LOVE that dress and is is SO you!