Thursday, June 3, 2010

Senior PGA

While we were away we visited Doug's parents over in Birmingham for the Regions Classic. This Senior PGA tournament is held every year at the golf course in their neighborhood and we have made it an annual event. As you can see by these pictures the kids and myself spent our time at the pool and let the guys enjoy the golf.

My inlaw's neighborhood has such a wonderful pool and the kids' favorite part was the fountain area. Honestly, it was mine too because I could keep a better eye on them both.

Thankfully I didn't have to venture to the pool all alone and I always had plenty of hands to help me. I did discover, though, that pool time was not something I wanted to do alone. With two toddlers in tow I was constantly running in different directions - my relaxing days by the pool are obviously over for a few years. Seriously, how did my mother do it with six?

Regardless, we had a WONDERFUL time with Doug's family and we look forward to another trip later this summer. :)

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Amy said...

oh, but it looks like you had fun! I can't imagine two toddlers!!!!