Friday, June 4, 2010


133 may not seem like a special number, and in reality it isn't. But to me, this thirty-something-mom-of-two, it is a number I have remembered since the day I got married. Yes, 133 is how much I weighed when I walked down the isle.

I am guessing I am not unlike most women in remembering the weight I was when I got married. My mother can still share her gloriously, small weight on her wedding day over thirty years ago.

Sadly, despite diet and exercise I have not seen my wedding weight since pretty much that day. I remember my doctor telling me three months after my marriage not to worry about the ten pound weight gain - it was just happy weight. Well, ladies, I like being happy, but no one likes to carry ten extra pounds.

My weight continued to increase and before I got pregnant with Charlotte I had kissed 133 goodbye - resolved to never see her again.

Until Tuesday... I have been a little under the weather and paid a visit to my doctor. I stepped on the scales before entering the exam room and the nurse said "133." WHAT? Seriously?!? I was so excited.

I knew my weight had changed, but my wedding weight? Who knew chasing toddlers would finally shave off all those pesky pounds that I had resigned myself to living with. So... here's to wedding weight and the toddler diet and exercise plan!

Happy Friday!


Huckaby Fam said...

I believe it, Alison! You are t-i--n-y!

Amy said...

WOW!! That is AWESOME!!! I would LOVE to get back to my wedding weight, too! You might have just inspired me to start running again!!:)

The Kimmels said...

Ummm, I'd prefer Amy NOT to be her wedding weight because she looked like skeletor and looks beautiful as she is (sorry aimz, its true) and Alison, I know we weren't friends when you got married, but I think you look fantastic now!

stephanie said...

i agree with suz on both accounts:) aim you don't need to get that skinny and alison you look great! way to go!