Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Shout Out

This was one of my favorites

Classic boy - gotta love it!

A sweet one of him destroying the cake - see how she made it a pretty picture. Amazing!

Most of Charlotte's friends are boys and she was giving Jayden a bunch of lovin that day. This was too sweet, but hands off in a few years, Jayden! :)

Doug's grandpa, Doug, and Douglass Charles - three of the four Charles (see heirlooms post). A very special picture!

So my babies are sick here at the English household. Charlotte came down with it this weekend and now Douglass Charles has a fever and runny nose as well as a horrible cough. I knew when Charlotte got sick he would be soon to follow, so we are bunkered down trying to get these babies well. If they have to be sick I am thankful they are sick this week - this hopefully means they will be well for the trip to Mississippi next week for my grandmother's 90th birthday.

So... with not much to post I did want to share these beautiful pictures that my friend Suzie took of Douglass Charles' birthday. She is so amazing and just started her photography business in the last year - check it out at www.splitsecondatl.com.

Suzie and I have known one another for a while, but didn't start hanging out until last fall when she and I did the Birthday Bash Giveaway. She has been so sweet and our business relationship has turned into a friendship - we still do business stuff together too. She is quite the talented lady and photography is truly her passion - can't you tell. So, thanks, Suzie for the beautiful pictures and for capturing my little boy's special day!


Amy said...

Those are awesome pictures!!!!

Courtney said...

Awwwh these pictures are soooo great!! They are precious :)

The Kimmels said...

you made me teary eyed! Thanks for the sweet words and I am truly thankful that we've become good friend. Not to mention our businesses fit well together -- especially for marketing purposes. :)
ps. I STILL laugh out loud when I see the one with DC's finger up his nose! HA