Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Big Boy Birthday!

The birthday boy

Us with the kids and Doug's grandparents

Doug and his sister, Meg, who is pregnant with her first child. We are SO excited!

Charlotte enjoying in the birthday fun

Finally, a few pictures from the birthday celebration. We were thrilled to have so many friends and family here to celebrate. Both of our parents were able to come, Doug's grandparents and aunt, his two sisters, my youngest sister, and my brother and his family as well as a few friends. We had a wonderful time and the weather cooperated so the kids were able to just run around and play.

I do have to mention here that as far as the first cake goes, my children are both the same. I was so sure that Douglass Charles would tear into his cake, but he, too, was very cautious. He started out by poking holes in it, licking off the icing, and doing it all over again. This went on for a while. So I gave him a spork and he just poked holes in it with that. Finally after quite a bit of time he finally started ripping into it. Doug's aunt even mentioned that my children were very boring when it comes to birthday cake. Sorry, Mimi!

I also want to list here a discussion Doug and I had about the cake prior to the party. I was just going to give Douglass Charles a cupcake because that is what I was making for everyone. Doug is the second born in his family. He very quickly spoke up for his second born and stated that he had to have a little cake just like his big sister had. I thought this was very cute and considerate of Douglass Charles' daddy - looking out for the kind of cake he should have for his first birthday.

I have one more post on the whole event - a sweet letter that my sister, Lauren, sent for Douglass Charles's special day. So check back later this week for her sweet words.

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