Sunday, March 14, 2010

Little Extras

Just a reminder... my Stock Up and Save event ends tomorrow. For more details just head on over to to get more for your money. :)

These cards pictured are my Classic Boy's Notecards. This design was one of my very first creations and honestly, I didn't sell one of these in 2009. Ironically they have been all the rage over at The English Pea in the last month - the go to card for many a customer. I have always liked this card and decided to keep it around - even though it didn't sell last year. Glad I did.

I recently had a customer that wanted to add matching address labels and liners to her set. I loved how they turned out. I haven't spoken much about my liners because it does add a little cost to the notecard sets, but those liners do really add a little pizzazz to this ensemble. So, just remember, if you really want to spruce up some cards for yourself or for a gift - an envelope liner will definitely do the trick. Enjoy!

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