Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Party Preparations

There is always much to do when a party is being planned and since we were celebrating both birthday and baptism I was challenged to decide what direction I should go in.

I have SO much family and am so thankful that I do. They are always so sweet to make the trek, since none live remotely close by. It is crazy to think that there were four siblings (along with spouses, children, or significant others who were unable to come). My guest list was 30 and I honestly wondered what the heck I was thinking.

So I decided on a brunch - thus the invitation. If you know me I am simple. Just fyi to all of you out there, my parties will most always be simple. It is just the way I do things.

This invitation wound up being electronic, but I did create the whole thing in Illustrator - which I have been trying to learn.

I also decided - after talking with my sister about her baptism brunch and a good friend about hers - to go with two different casseroles, some fruit, cream cheese and crackers with pepper jelly, banana bread, and simple cupcakes for dessert. The casseroles I chose were a breakfast ensemble of grits, cheese, eggs and sausage. It is my mother's recipe and quite delicious. The second was one I have never made before, but saw Paula Deen make on her show several years back. It was a French Toast Casserole bake with a praline topping. I didn't even wind up getting any so I am assuming it passed the test.

Of course the cupcakes were a big hit and I made a little cake for Douglass Charles. We had vanilla for the little bitty ones and devil's food with chocolate buttercream for all the chocolate lovers present. Okay, my mouth is now watering.

Can't wait to share more photos as well as the outfit I made for my little man's special day.

So... stay tuned! :)


Amy said...

The food was delicious!! I can't believe you missed the french toast casserole! We want both recipes, please!!

The Kimmels said...

The food WAS delicious! I too want the recipes. ;) I swear I will get photos to you soon...i took over 200 so it may take me a little while to edit them. :)