Monday, March 22, 2010


Charlotte while coloring a banner we made for her daddy's birthday in February.

Douglass Charles with Nanna when they were here back in February. He just plopped right up there and sat with her. It was too cute!

Conspiring together in the fridge. They love to do this if they can get to it before I close the door.

Douglass Charles sporting his first haircut. He got it the day after he turned one. And yes, I cried. :)

The kids bugging my dad while he attempted to do some work. Needless to say, he learned quickly that working on the computer in the study was much more efficient - the kids couldn't get to the keyboard. :)

These pictures were ones that got left out during all the birthday madness, but I wanted to get them on the blog. I found them too cute to pass up and of course I have to document Douglass Charles's first haircut.

We refused to take him anywhere to have it cut, because honestly all that needed to be trimmed was the back and around his ears. I knew I would get charged at least $12.00. So, my mom and I got to work and Doug finished up the next day. Not too shabby for a home made haircut. Now Doug and I are determined to learn so we can keep cutting it - at least for a while.

Enjoy the pictures and enjoy your week. We are gearing up for our trip out of town - me, the kids, and six hours in the car - am I crazy? Praying that trying to schedule the trip during naps, Dora and Praise Baby (thanks, Amy) will entertain the kiddos enough to make the trip tolerable. Looking forward to seeing some family, though, and celebrating my grandmother's 90th birthday!

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