Monday, March 22, 2010


In this economy we are all making sacrifices - even the people I know that are wealthy are cutting back. We are all looking for ways to pay our bills, save, and sometimes just make it to the next month.

This year has already been challenging financially and Doug and I are always looking for more ways to cut our expenses. Sometimes we wonder what else we can cut. I know we are not alone because I see all the coupon sale shoppers when I am out and about shopping my own grocery sales.

Doug and I have made career choices that are also sacrifices. Lets face it - an educator is not going to make a lot of money and a stay at home mom makes none. We do these things because we feel it is worth it for our family - both of us following our calling (this does not mean that we think everyone should do what we are doing so if you have made different choices for your family we applaud you - no judgement here!).

Here are a few things we do to keep the expenses down:
1. Brown bag it - yes, Doug does this every single day.
2. Coupon and sale shop - still trying to master this one, but working towards lower grocery bills
3. pay our credit cards off every month - this means that we don't buy stuff we can't afford
4. Wear second hand clothes - especially for the kids.
5. Eat out once a week - with a budgeted amount to spend each trip (and there are weeks this doesn't happen, but once is the goal).
6. Coffee at home - I love me some Starbucks, but people, it is just too darn expensive
7. Getting creative with meals. We don't like leftovers so I come up with ways to use food that is left over so it doesn't go to waste. :)
8. Give back - lets face it. We are SO blessed and we feel we are called to give whether to church or those in need.

Regardless of the sacrifices we are thankful. We have more than our basic needs and that is much more than what the world has as a whole on average.

So, what are some things that you are doing to make things a little easier on the old wallet?


The Kimmels said...

Bringing your lunch and making coffee at home saves a bundle! We are firm believers in not buying what you can't afford and so we no longer have any credit cards. Our philosophy is that if we have to charge it, we can't afford it. Lord knows there are TONS of things I want but we are also very lucky to have what we do when so many are going with much less. Thanks for the post. It reminds me that we are not the only ones making small changes where it counts!

Suzanne's Sassy Spot said...

I am definitely cooking at home more and trying to do the whole "left over" thing to save money. Please share recipes! :)