Sunday, November 8, 2009

Whoo, Whoo, Whoo, Charlotte Turns 2

Charlotte does not officially turn 2 until Friday, November the 13th, but we celebreated with family this weekend. My mother flew in for the week from Austin and my sister Emily, brother Owen, his wife, Mary Catherine, and my niece, Adeline all came over on Saturday. We were pleasantly surprised by Doug's grandparents and his Aunt Mimi who also came. Unforunately all the little friends we invited (and it wasn't that many) all came down with something and were unable to come. That didn't damper our time and we wound up with a wonderful evening of family fun - with a little Alabama football on the side.

The theme was chosen by me. I tended to the decorations, the invitations, and party favors. The little owl faces that you see were used as masks so people could "whoo, whoo, whoo" for Charlotte's big day. This absolutely adorable and quite delicious cake was done by my new friend Katie of KD Cakes. If you are in the Douglasville area I highly recommend her. You won't be disappointed. Check out her website at

Charlotte still doesn't understand the concept of presents and the celebration piece of her birthday, but she does understand cake (takes after her mom. :)). She has said over and over again "Happy Cake, Happy Cake." Smart girl. Already knows how happy some cake can make a person. :)


Janice said...

Super cute party. . and birthday girl :)!! I didn't realize that Allison and Charlotte share a b-day. Allison will be 1 on Nov 13th :).

Amy said...

So cute!!! I love ALL the owl decor!!! You did a GREAT job!!!