Sunday, November 1, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

My little wild things. :)

Mommy and her Wild Things

Douglass Charles the frog

Charlotte the lion - RRRRRAHHHH!

Monster Mash Bread

Well, our Halloween did not turn out quite like we had hoped. This is the second year in a row that we have had dashed hopes for our little family, but thankfully there were no Pitiful Fee Fee's with fevers around - see last year's post for the comical pictures and story.

The weather was inclement. We had options before this happened, but as the day progressed, so did our plans. We had opted out of a friend's party because we wanted to experience our church's trunk or treat and then take the kids trick or treating in the neighborhood. Trunk or Treat was out when it was raining during the event so we went out for BBQ for dinner and hoped that the rain would pass by the time we were done. "No can do," said Mother Nature, and the trick or treating did not happen.

The Wild Things were at a home in South Paulding, Georgia, wandering around as Charlotte was a lion and Douglass Charles was a frog. We had fun eating our own candy, monster mash bread (a.k.a. banana bread - the mashing of the bananas gives it this name), and wrestling in the dining room floor. Amazingly, Charlotte left her costume on all evening and had a ball.

So... while our evening was spent indoors, our little wild things didn't know the fun they were missing outside. Charlotte was just thrilled to get candy - which she repeatedly told us was "yummy." Hope your Halloween was fun, festive and safe. Happy Harvest!


Amy said...

Sorry your plans didn't work out. But so glad your wild things had fun! Cute title for the blog!!

The Kimmels said...

Those costumes are stinkin' cute! Love them.