Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Art of Receiving

When there are 20 little kids or just 3 running around during a party the honoree gets to learn a lesson in graciously receiving and in turn, sharing her toys. Adeline and Douglass Charles were both interested in Charlotte's loot of goods. While Charlotte still doesn't fully understand the concept of getting presents, she did have a few things that were big hits. The magnadoodle from Adeline (and her mom and dad) and Aunt Emily, the stroller - which she thought also could serve as a helmet, and a gift certificate to Ladybug magazine from her Nana. Oh, she has no clue that she will getting mail every month. Mom rolled the paper up and put a ribbon on it. Charlotte thought it was a magaphone. Seriously, she was thrilled with this. The other favorite - a fuzzy back pack with a pink poodle in it. Her Gigi and Poppi gave this to her and immediately she wanted it on her back and went prancing about just like she had always known how to wear the thing.

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