Monday, November 16, 2009

A Weekend to Remember!

Doug and I spent our weekend in Birmingham. The kids did too, but we were not together. Doug's parents, along with Aunt Kate, graciously offered to keep the kids while Doug and I attended a marriage conference. We had a beautiful weekend - the kids with the weather and fun at Maw and Paws and Doug and I as we reconnected as a couple.

Ironically, my parents attended this same conference over twenty years ago and went twice. Many of my parents friends also attended and our registration was the gift of The Dettlings - who are wonderful family friends. I have been blessed with many couples, including my parents, that while not perfect, have marriage relationships that are worth taking a look at - because they have been successful. Most of these couples went to this conference and all talked about it changing their marriage.

While what Doug and I experienced is a very personal matter and not something I will go into detail about, I will say that we gleaned much from it. Doug and I have a good relationship, but this conference is honestly for any type of married couple - great or on the brink of divorce. Walls were brought down and behaviors that were detrimental to our relationship were discovered. We had some very special moments.

If you would like more info please feel free to visit this website at If you would like to know more of my experience I am happy to share individually. Feel free to drop me an email or facebook me.

To those of you out there that are married, my big take away that I will share here is: Your spouse is a gift from God. Cherish him or her and do whatever it takes to take care of your relationship. Becoming one as a couple is a blessing. Remember that love is a choice and not always a feeling and most of all - make God a priority in your life, your relationship and in your family.


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