Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Clean Up

Sorry for the lack of pictures. I did take some yesterday, they just have yet to make it out of the camera and into my computer. I did want to post this for my own record - seeing as we now print out the blog. So... if you are tired of hearing stories about my children please disregard.

I must stop right here and say that the Lord has been gracious in giving me a pretty compliant first child. Granted, Doug and I do work with her a lot, but she has a little of her mother in her and I am sorry to say that she is a people pleaser. This is good and bad, but I do benefit at this time because of this trait. For those of you that your children challenge you, I will say, she is not perfect as I can hear her in her room right now refusing to take her nap.

With all this said, I have recently begun to work with Charlotte about picking up her toys. I normally allow her to pull out what she wants, but before naps everyday we pick up. Recently, while cleaning up, she began to start singing, "cean up, cean up." I thought, "Wow, she really gets this. I am so surprised." Feeling good about my parenting skills we went on about our cleaning up ritual every day.

That Sunday we went to church. Charlotte LOVES our church and the people that take care of her. When we picked her up from nursery her teacher told us "She is so cute, she helps clean up and she sings the song I taught her with me." I asked her what the song was and lo and behold, it was the song she was singing earlier in the week when we were picking up. And I thought it was my wonderful parenting skills. HA!

I am so thankful for her willingness now. She still is young enough to think that cleaning up is a game. Oh, how I dread the days when she is no longer singing but fighting me on it and knows that cleaning up is no fun game, but a chore. :)

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