Monday, November 9, 2009

From a Standstill to A Crawl

It has happened. Yes, I now have two mobile children. I have been looking forward to this day and today I wondered why I was looking so forward to it. Thanks to Nana working with the baby over the past week he finally figured out how to make all of his limbs work together. It has been quite comical to watch Douglass Charles and see how Miss Charlotte reacts to the fact that her brother can come to her now.

Example: This morning Charlotte was coloring in the floor. Douglass Charles saw her and decided he wanted her crayon and paper so he crawls over there and plops right down on the paper and takes the crayon out of Charlotte's hand. With this she screams "NO BABY!" So... she takes the crayon away and moves across the room to try to color. In less than a minute the same scenario repeats itself. Sadly, Charlotte doesn't know quite what to do. Her brother is all over her and her stuff.

Douglass Charles is also getting a little payback for all the sitting on the chest, back, head, that Charlotte has done to him over the past several months. After lunch today I caught Douglass Charles on top of Charlotte's head and her fussing for me to get him off. Quite funny. I kept warning her that before long he would get his payback and it has already begun.

Oh how short the baby days are. Before I know it I will have two running around everywhere. So thankful for my healthy, sweet kiddos. :)


Amy said...

I love the blog! Thanks!!! Glad you could come yesterday!

The Kimmels said...

yay!! you posted about the crawling. Isn't it so hard to keep up with everything you'd like to blog about? ...and I don't even have kids. ;)