Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Charlotte bouncing her brother in the bouncy seat - one of the things she gets in trouble for all the time. Mainly because she presses down on his stomach in order to make the chair bounce. As you can see she thinks it is fun!

Charlotte is always kisses and hugging on her brother. She loves to bring him his pacifier and help me burp him. She has also taken to do these things with her own baby dolls as well as making them cry.

Holding brother - she actually reached out and wanted to hold him while she was sitting on the couch with her dad.

Getting a little less interested...

Deciding to bonk him on the head instead of holding him. Needless to say, I have to really watch her because she thinks this is such fun!

All these pictures are interactions of the kids together. Charlotte is great with her brother, there are just a few things we have to work on - like keeping his passy in his mouth and not making him bounce when he is asleep in his bouncy seat. She really loves him and I look forward to seeing them getting more involved with one another as he gets bigger. I am sure they will have a lot of fun!

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stephanie said...

yeah for the pictures! glad you finally got some time to yourself. hope to get to see you all friday but i understand if not. i hope micah is as good with this new bean as charlotte is with dc. (abbreviation for typing purposes i wont call him that doug!)