Thursday, April 16, 2009


Our Happy Girl!

Douglass Charles in his "Coming Home" outfit. He is finally big enough to wear it. :)

Me and my babies - I still can't believe I have two kids.

My Easter Babies - aren't they precious? We certainly think so.

Daddy and his girl - Charlotte is definitely becoming more of a daddy's girl these days.

These pictures were the best I could do. It was a miracle that we have any of the kids looking at the camera. Charlotte would not sit still and Douglass Charles insisted on punching the air the whole time.

This was our first time back at church since the baby arrived - which was my goal. We barely made it there, but it felt good to finally get back. We are at a new church so we still don't know many folks, but it was nice to go as a family and at least worship.

I couldn't tell you what the pastor said. I forgot when you have a baby in tow that listening to the sermon is almost pointless. Nonetheless, I was blessed by the choir singing the Alleluia Chorus. So beautiful! I can only imagine how breathtaking the celebration will be once we get to heaven.

Hope your Easter found you remembering our Savior and celebrating His resurrection!

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Amy said...

the outfits look GREAT!!!