Thursday, April 23, 2009

18 + Hours

This is how long my 8 week old son was awake yesterday. Yes, I am not kidding. We are taking him to the doctor today because his spitting up is causing a little concern in my mind, but I am mainly just taking him to get checked out.

You may marvel at his ability to stay awake that long. I know I do, but he did try to go to sleep. The problem - and is has become a BIG one - he wants to be held while he sleeps during the day and by me only. Well... you can imagine that does not fare well. So after basically having him in my arms Tuesday from 2:30 in the afternoon until 11:30 in the evening I was done.

So, yesterday, every time he would fall asleep, I would put him in his crib. After ten minutes he would wake up and start screaming. I would set the timer, let him cry for a little bit, and then go check on him, calm him down and give him his passy. He would always stop and a few times fall asleep again. As soon as I walked away, Whaaaaaaa!. I thought surely by the afternoon he would go to sleep on his own. Not with our stubborn genes. Needless to say, this battle went on all day. He was up and out of his crib and played nicely at times - actually more nicely than usual. I think he was avoiding that bed.

Your prayers are appreciated as we discover if there is anything really wrong or if - as my father puts it - Douglass Charles has just trained me. It may be daytime nap bootcamp next week as I begin the training process with my son. :)

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