Tuesday, April 14, 2009

And the Mommy of the Year Award Goes To...


Yesterday was a rainy, mucky day so we were stuck indoors. I was tired from a rough night with the baby and not feeling much like being a mommy. I wanted to be 21 again on a Saturday morning with the ability to sleep until 1:00 p.m. if I wanted. Of course we were up and at em by 8:00 and my children were trying my patience (as they do when I am tired. It is like they know that Mommy is more tired today so lets annoy her more). Anyway... Let me list a few ways I didn't get the Mommy of the Year Award yesterday.

1. Charlotte was babysat by the television all day. I know, this is horrible but with my being tired, her being whiney, and the rain outside I didn't feel that I had much choice. I know I did, but I chose the easy route - watching television.

2. Douglass Charles wound up taking a nap with poop on his little bottom for two hours. In my defense, I didn't know. I thought I smelled something, but I wasn't sure and he was asleep. God knows, I wasn't going to wake him. I did feel badly when I realized that my instinct was indeed correct.

3. I ignored my baby's cries when I thought he was being stubborn only to find out that he was indeed needing his Mommy. This one really got me and I just have to chuckle now. My baby boy loves to be held and would be all the time if I would allow it. With a 17 month old this is not possible and in order to get a shower yesterday morning I put him in his swing hoping he would take a nap. Charlotte and I made our way upstairs to get dressed, straigten up and for me to hop in the shower while she watched yet another tv program. I turned on the monitor to make sure the baby wasn't screaming. He did begin crying so I jumped in the shower knowing he just wanted me to come hold him.

Now the good Lord has blessed me with two stubborn children - I couldn't imagine why they are that way. Douglass Charles has already shown me that when he doesn't get his own way he just cries louder and louder (his sister was the same way). He will even make himself throw up he gets so upset (and all this fuss is for me to come and hold him - I should feel special, right?). I thought this was what was transpiring while I was showering when I heard his crying turn to screaming and then later subside. I carried on about my business knowing that he would just have to wait a few more minutes.

He stopped crying and after my shower I checked on him. He had finally drifted off. After we were both dressed, beds made and clothes put away Charlotte and I headed back downstairs. I went to start picking up Charlotte's mess before I started on lunch. I began picking up items around the baby's swing where he lay taking his nap. I kept finding rubberbands, bobby pins, a cap to a bottle and then I looked at my sweet son. I was confused to find my face wash bottle in his arms. How did that get there?

As some of you know our living room opens to the second floor and you can see the the second floor. Charlotte loves to call over the banister at people below. Obviously she has learned that it is also fun to drop things through the railing. This is how my face wash wound up in my son's lap. Charlotte had removed it and the other items found from the bathroom drawer while I was in the shower and evidently thought it would be fun to drop them on her brother from the floor above. His loud screaming that I had formerly heard was caused by these things being pelted at him. I knew this because of the bottle in his lap and the nice little red mark on his face. Ahhh... the things I am learning the second time around. We now must move the swing to a safer location on the first floor. Who knew?

So hats off to you moms that keep it all together. At least we survived yesterday. Hopefully my children will survive one another and not hate me in the process. :)

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stephanie said...

I laughed out loud at this story! Sorry DC but it was too funny not to. Oh and by the way...you are too a great mom, no beating yourself up about giving up your whole life to raise two others right!