Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Our Sweet Boy

Such a cutie!

I had to post a cute story about Charlotte but knew people would like to see more photos of our little guy. These great pics are courtesy of Kate, Doug's sister. They were here this weekend visiting and they snapped many a great photo.

So, Charlotte is adding more and more words to her vocabulary. As of late we have been teaching her to say please whenever she wants something. It has been going well and she normally does the hand motion to go along with it. Yesterday morning I asked her to say "please" when she wanted something from me and she said, "Peas" (aka please in Charlotte language)slight pause "Good Girl." I had to laugh. She has linked the two phrases together becuase I always praise her after she says please by saying "good girl." It really is too cute and it has continued throughout today as well. At least she is learning some good manners.:)

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Amy said...

THat's a really sweet picture of DC :-) at the top! I love it! Thanks for sharing pictures--and the adorable story!