Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Waiting Game

Sitting in Daddy's chair

We are now only two weeks and one day away from our little boy's due date. Last week we were a little concerned when not only had I not dialated, but Doug, Jr. was still upright. My doctor began talking about scheduling a C-section and the plan was to check on things this week and see what "Mr. I am in no hurry" was up to. After enlisting many of you to pray I am happy to report that our little guy has made the switch and he is facing downward. So... the waiting game begins.

I have dialated 1cm but that is all. I have been having pretty strong contractions (thought I was going into labor Sunday night) but they seem to subside after some time. So... we wait.

The pictures above are of Charlotte. It looks like she is waiting for something in that big chair, but she is actually sitting in her daddy's chair thinking she is a big person watching a t.v. show before bed. She looked so cute I had to snap a few pictures before I turned off the tube and whisked her upstairs.

We will keep you posted on the baby's birth. If you are wondering his name - well, we wonder as well. He will be named after his father but as to what we are calling him, we will all know when he is born. Doug and I just can't make up our minds. We are hoping when we see him we will just know. :) Until then...


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auntiem4cabs said...

I always loved 'dougie doodles' ;)