Monday, February 23, 2009

Brother's Nursery

Notice the Braves Mobile

Fly, Fly, Away

Dresser/changing table (the lady that sold us this piece of furniture wanted to make sure that I knew that it wasn't the highest quality. I lovingly stated that high quality wasn't on my need list seeing as I was going to have two children under the age of two. God knows they will tear up everything - even the finest quality stuff - once they are able)

Little Douglass Charles English, Jr. is due this Friday and his nursery is finally complete. We still are waiting on a rocking chair that my mother is graciously letting me borrow (thanks, Mom - which I will probably put in front of the window). Currently it is with my brother at his house and he has offered to bring it up when the baby is born (thanks, Owen).

Originally we were going to go with a Braves theme. Doug loves the Braves and you will notice that the room still sports the Braves as our son's mobile is little bears wearing Braves uniforms (Doug bought this thing when I was pregnant with Charlotte just in case she was a boy. He had to have it). We couldn't find any bedding that worked so we went to the next best thing - airplanes. Many of you know Doug's love and fascination with all machines that move in the air - so much so that he nearly became an airline pilot. We were thrilled to find the Pottery Barn bedding on their extreme clearance sale (the bumper was less than $30.00).

The art work was done by me with a little help from Doug- I needed to make sure that everything was always masculine. :) Thanks to Martha Stewart for the idea to make collages - which I saw on her show so I can't take full credit.

It was fun to do something different. I have been living in a very pink and girly world. It has been neat to have Doug more involved this time around and to work on something more in line with a little man.

We are still waiting and appreciate your prayers. We would love for our little guy to come on his own.

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