Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Irish Twins

Coming Home Outfit

Irish Cousins - matching outfits for pictures

Sweet bishop with smocked collar - I can't take credit for the collar

I decided several months ago that I would attempt to make our little boy's coming home outfit. I picked out a pattern and prayed that his father would be okay with whatever I decided to make. His dad was okay with it but felt the pattern was still too feminine, so... I took to altering the pattern a bit to come up with something he felt a little more comfortable with.

In the process I also wanted to make something that big sister Charlotte could wear. The beautiful collar on this dress was something my mother passed down. I knew the light blue would go perfectly with the sweet smocking.

So after a little work, I put these two pieces together. I was very pleased with the result. An experienced seamstress could point out so many flaws but to the naked eye they are hard to see. I know my little ones can't appreciate how much I love them nor can they appreciate that their mother wants them to coordinate but one day I hope they see that something made by ones hands is always more special than something purchased - not matter what the ultimate result is. I can't wait to relish in their little projects that are one day lovingly made by their little hands.

Heres to my irish twins!

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The Dettling's said...

So sweet! I hope to be making matching outfits one day soon! I wish I'd learned how to use my machine BEFORE Noah arrived! I may need you to give me a beginner lesson next time you're in B'ham.